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Why Google My Business

Google My Business - Why Is It Important?

Whether you love or hate Google one thing is certain - if you want to be found online, you need to make Google love you.

94.97% of searches in Australia are made on Google and businesses that appear in the top few positions on Google search results pages get the majority of clicks.

Fortunately, GMB Listings that rank in the "3 pack" are placed in the most valuable piece of real estate on the search results page and optimising your GMB listing is one of the lowest cost marketing exercises you can ever do.  In fact if you have the knowledge and the time, you can do it for "free" (free presumes your time has no value).

Google is investing heavily in expanding the functionality of GMB listings and rewards those businesses that continue to use all of the features and options available to them.  If your listing is optimised for

GMB 3 Pack

  • info
  • categories
  • labels
  • posts
  • offers
  • hours
  • cta buttons
  • geo-tagged images
  • reviews
  • Q&As
  • Industry specific options, etc

then you can expect to be found in the valuable "3 pack" of local search.  In other words, at the top of the search page.  The trouble is, how do you stay on top of all this plus the new features being introduced as well as run your own business?

Why Outsource GMB Optimisation?

Sure, you can optimise and manage your own GMB listing and it won't cost you a cent.  Except of course for the hours spent learning how, keeping up to date with Google's changes and then actually doing the work every week.  We offer GMB creation and optimisation as an ongoing managed service that saves you time, helps you avoid the pitfalls and ultimately generates new income.  Why ongoing?  Google expires GMB Update Posts after 7 days while Event Posts and Offer Posts have a start and end date so GMB Optimisation is not a set and forget.  Furthermore Google Reviews are a critical component of your GMB Ranking and that means answering every review as soon as possible after it is posted.  In short, it takes an investment in time (your or ours) to stay in the 3 Pack.


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