Why #1 Is No Longer #1

Google My Business Ranking Service Is More Important Than SEO

Google My Business RankingThe holy grail of SEO has always been to get to the number one rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  But being number one no longer means being number 1!  For local search, the 3 Pack Google My Business Ranking is positioned above the number one ranked site on SERPs. Include the PPC listings and number 1 is suddenly down at number 8!

Now don't get me wrong.  Having a number one ranking in SERPs is still a very good thing.  But being in the GMB 3 Pack is just better.

Spending $900+per month on SEO to get a number 1 ranking makes sense for a lot of businesses.  But the first priority for local search should be Google My Business ranking.  Getting into the GMB 3 Pack is usually easier and a lot cheaper than ranking in SERPs and will result in more clicks from potential customers.

SEO still has its place for local search.  Once you are well established in the GMB 3 Pack it is time to consider the benefits of investing in SEO to get a number 1 ranking in the SERPs as well as your GMB position.  Add to that a paid ad and you will have achieved top of page dominance.  But the starting point for most small businesses should be GMB and with our "50% off" GMB Optimisation offer, it will never be cheaper to do than right now.  

Our 50% off Google My Business Ranking service (GMB Optimisation) offer is available for new clients who sign up before August 31st 2019 and that 50% discount is a lifetime discount - as long as you stay a client, that 50% discount will apply.

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