GMB Limited Functionality

GMB Features Suspended

GMB Features Suspended Because Of Corona Virus

On Friday Google suspended some Google My Business features and put limits on others, including prioritising new listings based on industry.  That means we need to prioritise where we put our energies in optimising listings.

Google My Business Bedlam Update

Google Confirms "Bedlum" Update

Google has provided details of the November 2019 Algorithm Update

Throughout November 2019 many business owners have seen dramatic fluctuations in the ranking of their Google My Business listing. 

SEO Professionals refer to it as the Bedlam Update.   Google has now given some explanation as to why.

Google My Business Ranking Service

Why #1 Is No Longer #1

And GMB Ranking Is More Important Than SEO

The holy grail of SEO has always been to get to the number one rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  But being number one no longer means being number 1!  For local search, the GMB 3 Pack is positioned above the number one ranked site on SERPs. Include the PPC listings and number 1 is suddenly down at number 8!

Free Google My Business Ranking Report

Google My Business Ranking Report

Do You Know How You Rank on GMB Compared To Your Competition?

Google My Business Rankings are much more location specific than website rankings.  Just because your business ranks in the 3 Pack when you do a test search, doesn't mean it ranks the same for searchers in the next postcode.  GMB Optimisation offers a free "grid" report showing how well you rank from all locations in a chosen radius.

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